3D printed case for Raspberry Pi & Allo Piano 2.2 DAC

CAD Case

Repository for this case

The last days I was playing around with an Raspberry Pi 3B+ and a Piano 2.2 DAC on top of it. I use Moodeaudio as audio player with which I’m very happy!

Unfortunatelly, I couldn’t find a case which fits this combination. I also need a closed intransparent case. So I decided to build one. As I don’t have a 3D printer, I use a 3D printing service with which I was very happy with the last 3D prints.

The case is much bigger than the RPi, which keeps the design very simple. I want to just set the Pi into the case and mount it with hex brass standoffs at the bottom and at the cap. This also keeps the cap in place.

For CAD I used FreeCAD (0.17) and exported the models as *.stl files.

… Waiting for 3D printed case …

Update on 27.02.2019

After the 1st revision arrived in mid of February I checked how the Pi fits into the case. Unforutunately, I measured something wrong. So the Pi didn’t fit into the mounting holes. Also HDMI and USB Power connector didn’t fit. I had to remove some plastic there. Then I drilled some of the mountholes to fix the RPi in the case. With these little changes the RPi fits in the case. But not all mounting holes had been used.

I changed the new measures of the mount holes and also increased HDMI and Micro Usb cut-out in the FreeCAD model. This became Revision Rev002 which is the final release of this case. I send the new stl files to my 3d print-service. The new print fits very good now. I had to ‘click-in’ the RPi into the case but everything fits well. Also all mounting holes are on right position now :).

What I didn’t like at the 2nd print is, the case is unclean. There are imprints of a finger (I think) and the printer itself didn’t print as good as the 1st Revision. The cut-out on the front, where the chinch connectors are, is not printed as it is in the model. The upper notches had not been printed. This was no problem with the 1st print.

So what changed? Nothing big in the model. This time another printer (someone who print this model) was allocated to me. Unforunately, I cannot select a printer. Your job gets assigned to a printer which is free…

Anyway, I’m happy with the case now. Here are some more images…

RPi & Piano DAC

Rev 002 RPi & Piano DAC Case1

RPi & Piano DAC Case2

RPi & Piano DAC deassambled

RPi & Piano DAC Inner

Rev 001 RPi & Piano DAC Rev001